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Round Spoked Dish Scrubby

I found this pretty and funky yarn in Hobby Lobby, Yarn Bee's Scrub-ology cotton, so naturally I had to get it and make something "scrubby." So today I'm sharing a little round dish scrubby with you, and I'm also going to leave you with the pattern if you'd like to make one too. I haven't given out a pattern in awhile, so it's long overdue.

It's probably a little difficult to see because of the varying colors of mint green, but there's a textural design reminiscent of spokes on a wagon wheel, created with front post double crochets.

One circle wasn't very thick, so I made a second, and single crocheted them together.

The finished dish scrubby is about 4 inches in diameter. I gave it to my mom and she said it works great. She loves how it can be thrown in the wash when it needs to be cleaned.

The Scrub-ology yarn is pretty cool. It's really textured, but still has some softness that doesn't make it hard on your hands to work with. …

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